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These organizations, initiatives, working groups and companies are part of the network „We are Freiberg“:

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Interview with the Urban Housing Association

One of the first partners to get involved in the network was the Urban Housing Association Saxony (Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft Freiberg mbH – SWG). Erik Mädler is the public affairs director. He explains why it is important to engage in a cosmopolitan city and how the SWG contributes.

How important is the cosmopolitan outlook for Freiberg and for a company like the SWG?

As a municipal housing company we have a local political order. That is, amongst other things, to provide contemporary living room to broad sections of the population. We always have the population trends in mind. We are getting older and more mobile, but also more colorful. Under colorful we understand the diversity of nationalities. In Freiberg live people from over 90 countries. They study, learn and work here with us. The city of Freiberg shows to be a good host. We provide apartments as required and we live our corporate philosophy:  we do not tolerate discrimination or exclusion of our tenants because of their origins. With us all tenants have equal rights and obligations.

What was the reason to become a partner in the network „We are Freiberg“ for the SWG?

In the network „We are Freiberg“ partners from different areas of society are involved. Anyone can contribute in his own way and in his area, so that understanding and openness are a part of everyday life. As a company we see our social responsibility towards the town of Freiberg and its inhabitants in strengthening and developing the hallmark of family-friendlyness in the broadest sense. This requires an upright and open communication with each other. A network ensures optimum conditions for that – that’s why we’re in from the start.

How does the SWG contribute at the Freiberger cosmopolitanism?

To put it in the language of sports: The fulfillment of our local political task is duty. The choice is to create a living environment in which all generations and all nationalities feel comfortable. For this intact and safe neighborhoods contribute in the same way as the strengthening of the leisure facilities available in the city and in residential areas. So for example, we co-organize various residential area festivals and events in which especially togetherness is important. Living cosmopolitanism is noticeable at us in the more than 30 students’ living communities for Freiberger students. With the provision of students’ living communities we promote the culture of communication between the different nationalities.

What can be your contribution in the future?

Even in emergencies we provide advice and support. The latest example are our donations to the help fund „Families in Need“. The money is also determined for affected families with a migration background. We also think about translating some terms of use and house rules including the child-friendly house rules in several languages.
Do you also want to make an individual contribution to Freiberg’s cosmopolitanism? – Become a partner in the local network for a cosmopolitan city!